#WorldFoodDay in the Foodverse

4 min readOct 17, 2022

GM Foodies! Hope you are celebrating #WorldFoodDay with your Favourite Food on the Table.

You guys have been asking us, “Why are all these Chefs here?”
And today, you’ll know why.

Chefs launching their signature recipes as Dish NFTs in the Foodverse on #WorldFoodDay

On #WorldFoodDay, we will be bringing signature recipes from our partner Chefs as NFTs in the Foodverse. Now you can mint Anthony Sarpong’s Melon Salad, Saransh Goila’s Tandoori Phool, Vicky Ratnani’s Roti Tacos, and Depinder Chhibber’s Chai Cupcake exclusively in OneRare Kitchen.

We couldn’t be happier to start this on #WorldFoodDay!

Start Minting Chef NFTs right away!

A summer refresher from Michelin Starred Chef Anthony Sarpong, this Fresh-Fruity Melon Feta Salad with Vinaigrette is as tempting as it sounds. This vibrant recipe celebrates farm fresh ingredients in the signature style of Chef Anthony, a true masterpiece.

Gourmand & Chef Vicky Ratnani effortlessly moulds a mexican classic by using Indian Bread or “Roti” as Tacos shells. Combining the goodness of multigrains with Greens, Kidney beans and Pineapple Salsa, Chef Vicky’s Roti Tacos are the perfect party starter.

Chef Saransh Goila serves the classic flavours of India on a platter in Tandoori Phool with Garlic Yoghurt Sauce. This delectable recipe by Chef Saransh is perfect for guilt-free snacking, with the smoky aroma of cauliflower contrasting with the cool yoghurt.

Dig into this masterpiece by Chef Depinder Chhibber which is as unique as the Chef’s culinary journey. The Spiced Chai Cupcake With Cream Cheese Icing is a gorgeous amalgamation of warm spices balanced by the sweet-tangy cream cheese.

We will keep partnering with more Chefs & Food Brands while we continue to release new Dish NFTs every week. Our mission is to host the Best Chefs from Around the World to celebrate different cuisines and cooking styles in the Foodverse. As soon as you see your favorite Chef dropping their Dish NFT, make sure you grab it first.

We have exciting utilities laid out for these Dish NFTs, in the Foodverse and in real life. If you are a food enthusiast and would like to get early access to their events & recipes, you shouldn’t be missing out on our branded Dish NFTs.

This initiative will enable Food Lovers, Chefs, and Food Brands to come together and celebrate the various utilities of the metaverse. Whether you want to get into a brand’s loyalty program or get early access to Chef’s new recipes — owning these Dish NFTs will make it possible. These NFTs will also be the tickets to the virtual experiences organized by Chefs & Restaurants in the Foodverse.

Soon, owning these Dish NFTs would be as cool as having VIP passes to a mega concert.

You’ll also be able to mint more NFTs on #WorldFoodDay!

OneRare is ready with its gift for the community on #WorldFoodDay. We have decided to 2x the emission rate across all pools in our farm. This will help our foodies to harvest more ingredients and claim our exclusive Chef Dish NFTs. Hurry up, the higher emission rate will only last till 5 PM UTC on 18th October.

Season One Round One

Hope you have been checking out our leaderboard. On 19th October, Round One of our First Season will come to an end. Those who make it to the Top of the Leaderboard will earn $ORARE rewards. The Top Three will earn 13k, 11k, and 9.5k $ORARE respectively.

The 2x Emission Rate on #WorldFoodDay will definitely move some ranks up and down. It’s going to be a thrilling first battle for Foodverse Supremacy on 19th October 2022.


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