Urban Platter to launch Ingredient NFTs in OneRare, the world’s First Food Metaverse

4 min readFeb 8, 2022

Urban Platter, known for being the one-stop shop for all Gourmet & Culinary needs, joins the OneRare Foodverse to bring their signature products as exclusive NFTs to the blockchain.

OneRare is thrilled to welcome Urban Platter to the world’s first-ever Foodverse and celebrate the company’s product offerings as exclusive NFTs.

Urban Platter is one of India’s leading Ingredient Brands, a one-stop shop for all your culinary needs. They focus on bringing the most authentic produce to audiences, from eastern delights from Korean and Japan, to the heart sauces of the west. With high quality Ingredients and dynamic leadership, Urban Platter is ready to kickstart it’s Web3 journet with OneRare.

OneRare will be tokenising some of the most popular Urban Platter Ingredients as exclusive NFTs. These NFTs will be used in the OneRare gameplay as players follow recipes to make their favorite dishes — for example, using the Urban Platter Tahini for whipping up some delish Hummus. The Ingredient & Dish NFTs will have massive utility in the foodverse, in mini-games as well as member privileges.

OneRare creates an exciting new marketing opportunity for Urban Platter to explore blockchain audiences and new markets. Web3 Gamers will find constant utility for their NFTs in the OneRare gameplay, and discover new products along the way. Urban Platter can harness their metaverse marketing to boost sales and explore distribution across the world.

The Foodverse is such an exciting space, and just how we are a one stop shop in the physical world, being one in the Foodverse is just as meaningful to the future of this company. We’re thrilled to partner with OneRare and look forward to delighting the users in Metaverse.

- Chirag Kenia, Founder, Urban Platter

Urban Platter will bring their wide variety of Ingredients to the Foodverse (L to R) : Almond Milk, Cacao, and Rolled Oats

With Urban Platter, OneRare also commences it’s journey to bring top F&B Brands from all across the world into the Foodverse.

We are thrilled to grow our Foodverse with a dynamic brand like Urban Platter. Quality Ingredients are the key to amazing dishes, and brands like Urban Platter have made it their mission to be the best in their space. We are happy to bring Urban Platter to the blockchain, and create their first NFTs in our gameplay.

— Supreet Raju, Co-founder, OneRare

As the collaboration grows, Urban Platter will also set up their first virtual store experience in the Foodverse, where visitors can discover the brand, explore new launches, and even order products. Gamers can also claim exclusive Ingredient NFTs and swap them for real products in their store.

We can’t wait to create some exciting dishes with our favorite Urban Platter products !


Urban Platter aims to serve as a one stop shop for all your culinary needs. Whether it be a specific chilli pepper from Korea or a dairy alternative that works in masala chai and coffees, we have it all. Our promise is simple, for all your cuisine or health requirements, we strive to bring high quality ingredients to unlock specific possibilities.

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