Season 3 of OneRare Foodverse kicks off with revolutionary upgrades

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Season 3 is here, and it’s going to be more exciting than ever! From May to September 2023, get ready to dive into a culinary adventure with a fresh season of the Foodverse. The new season seamlessly blends the beloved features of past seasons with a myriad of thrilling updates. Read on to know more.

Season 3: Starts on 30 May 2023!

As Season 3 unfolds, OneRare Foodverse becomes an even more immersive and inclusive space for foodies from around the world. The Level Lab allows everyone to upgrade their Dish NFTs to leverage maximum benefits from each of them. The leaderboard becomes a thrilling battlefield of leveled-up dishes, where rewards and recognition await those who rise to the challenge. With Maggi leading the charge, and an array of esteemed brands waiting in the wings, the Foodverse continues to expand its delectable offerings to its users.

Season’s Highlight: Level Lab

The highlight of this season is undisputably — the Level Lab!

OneRare Level Lab

Each Dish NFT can be leveled up to level 7 in the Level Lab. This will encourage all Foodies to own at least 1 mint of their favorite dish making the Foodverse more inclusive and adaptable for all its visitors.

Meaning, 2 French Fries NFTs of Level 1, for example. Once the player has 2 same NFTs, they can head to the Level Lab and combine them (which would burn these 2 Dish NFTs) to create a Level 2 French Fries.

Read More about Levels & Levels Lab.

Season’s Leaderboard

In Season 3, we’re taking things up a notch. The competition will be judged solely based on levels with a reward pool of whopping 125,000 $ORARE spread over 4 Rounds.

Earn Points for Dish NFTs & Ingredients used. Maximize your Points with Level Multipliers —
(L1:1x | L2:4x | L3:10x | L4:25x | L5:60x | L6:150x | L7:500x).

Level Multiplier for Rewards

Every dish has a certain number of points based on various factors including the number of ingredients. Branded Dishes will usually be worth more points than Onerare dishes. The points a particular dish is worth will be displayed on the recipe pages.

As dishes get leveled up, they attract a multiplier based on their level. Eg. If a dish is worth 15 points- at level 3, it will be worth 150 Points( 15X10). If you level up the same dish to level 7, it will be worth a whopping 15X500 or 7500 Points!

The more higher level Dish NFTs you own, the higher your positions is on the leaderboard. With the above maths, a level 7 branded dish owner will leveraging the most on their dish with access to maximum rewards and perks in Foodverse! Here’s a breakdown of the schedule and rewards:

Race to the top and seize the opportunity to win the maximum rewards!

Foodverse soars with Branded NFTs

Kicking off the brand fest in style, Maggi will be the first brand to launch its NFTs this season. With Levels already unfolded, each foodie will be able to own their most favorite NFTs from this much-awaited partnership.

And that’s not all, with many more of your favorites lined up for their Foodverse launch, foodies are up for a feast with the best of food and beverage brands joining the Foodverse!

Playground gets an upgrade too

Mobile gamers, rejoice! Foodtruck Wars is going mobile in Season 3. Experience the ultimate dish battle on the go and prove your culinary skills wherever you are. Gather your unique Dish NFTs and keep your Booster Cards loaded for an exhilarating and rewarding gameplay.

8 in-game Booster Cards available in Foodtruck Wars build 2.0

Read everything about Booster Cards Here

Meanwhile, a very hungry Polo continues to roar for watermelons in the Foodverse V2 upgrade! Dance alongside the jolly purple hippo, as he blesses you with a jackpot of ingredient NFTs.

Complete the Migration to V2 as early as possible to enjoy the new season to its fullest and get ahead in the game — To migrate to V2 log on to


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