OneRare x CMC — The Foodie Airdrop Recap

2 min readDec 8, 2022

GM foodies!

November was a great month for us at OneRare. In collaboration with CoinMarket Cap, we announced a special giveaway for our community. The response we got was beyond our expectations.


2,883,947 Foodies participated in The Foodie Airdrop and 1,000 were picked as Winners. Each Winner was eligible for claiming 10 NFTs from our special pool. The contest was live from 8th to 27th November 2022.

The Contest had its own rules and steps to follow. Foodies who completed each step were able to claim unique Ingredient NFTs from a special pool.

10,000 Ingredient NFTs were airdropped to the 1,000 winners on 30th November.

Check out the Winners’ List here.


The goal of this giveaway was to bring foodies from different parts of the world to the foodverse. You get a headstart in our game with the Ingredient NFTs you have won.

Take these Ingredients to the Kitchen and Mint a Dish. If you are running low on Ingredients, you can always head to the Farmer’s Market and buy the missing Ingredients.

After The Foodie Airdrop was complete, we saw huge excitement in the community. People started minting Dishes at godspeed and were climbing up the leaderboard. And this is exactly what we anticipated.


OneRare is super happy with this collaboration with CoinMarket Cap. We now have an even bigger community of foodies and of course, more competition for the foodverse supremacy.

Looking at the positivity in our community, we are planning on doing more such giveaways for our foodies. Our mission is to bring every foodie on this planet to the foodverse.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: If you made it till here, we have a secret for you. We are all set with our Foodtruck Wars and will be taking the game live for everyone very soon. Keep minting Dish NFTs and prepare yourself for the battle at the OneRare Playground.

Become a part of our community for much such contests, giveaways, and the ever-going war for the foodverse supremacy at!




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