OneRare Begins With a Splash in UAE

6 min readFeb 27, 2023

OneRare Expands into a New Territory

OneRare, the World’s First Food Metaverse is making a debut in the Middle East with its latest partnerships. With its growing presence worldwide, the foodverse is inviting food brands to enter the world of NFTs & gaming with the help of metaverse.

The Food Metaverse Company is announcing a slew of partnerships in UAE. The Bhukkad Cafe, Cali Poke, Art of Dum, China Bistro, India Bistro, & Glocal Junction,& Papa Johns have collaborated with OneRare to launch their NFTs in the Foodverse.

The excitement around this news is shared by technologists & foodpreneurs globally. Many publications highlighted the significance of this launch.

The Idea Behind The OneRare Foodverse

OneRare’s Founders developed the platform while in lockdown. Co-Founder, Supreet Raju stated that “I have long said that food has a language of its own and makes the world a happier place. It is what connects us and the metaverse only brings us closer together in a unique way in which we can share our culture and our food. Now with the launch of the foodverse, there is no reason why brands and consumers can’t come together in this safe, virtual setting.”

The Foodverse created by OneRare comprises various zones that enable users to explore Celebrity Chefs, Food Brands, and Virtual Restaurants. Similar to the real world, the Foodverse encompasses different geographical areas like the beach, forest, and lakeside, and allows users to freely navigate the open world. Additionally, there is an exclusive Gaming zone where players can discover, earn, collect, and battle.

OneRare also permits users to claim Dish NFTs from around the globe by collecting Ingredients and following Recipes to produce exclusive NFT artworks. These dishes include international cuisines, festive specials, keto, and vegan-friendly recipes, as well as signature recipes from celebrity chefs and restaurants.

After its initial launch and the overwhelming interest it received, our Co-Founders Gaurav Gupta and Supreet Raju expanded their vision by introducing the first full-service food metaverse featuring in-world games, chef and brand partnerships, and exchanges of virtual assets for real-world utility.

Foodlink brings global flavours to the Foodverse with the launch of 4 unique NFTs

Foodlink F&B Holdings is India’s largest Food & Beverage Service Company led by Sanjay Vazirani. They have joined forces with OneRare to introduce its family of restaurants — Art of Dum, Glocal Junction, India Bistro, China Bistro to the Foodverse by launching a special Dish NFT from each.

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The Foodverse Gets a Taste of the Mumbai Streets with The Bhukkad Cafe’s Vada Pav NFTs

The Bhukkad Cafe, known for its quirky ambiance and street-inspired dishes, is taking a leap into Web3, with World’s First Vada Pav NFTs. These NFTs were launched exclusively in OneRare Kitchen, alongside the real-world launch of The Bhukkad Cafe’s fourth outlet in Sharjah, UAE.

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OneRare’s Upcoming Partnerships with Food Brands in UAE

We are all set to bring a lot more food brands to the foodverse. In the next few weeks, OneRare will release its NFTs for Papa Johns & Cali Poke. We are very excited about our expansion in this region. Due to the futuristic developments in UAE, the potential to innovate & build has been at an all-time high. We are in conversation with more brands in the region to make the mass adaptation of web3 a reality. Keep checking our socials to stay updated.

Catch us in the News!

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