OneRare becomes the Official Food Partner for Kryptomon

2 min readJan 24, 2022

OneRare is thrilled to become the Official Food Partner for the adorable Digital Pets of Kryptomon.

Kryptomon combines Pokémon, Tamagotchi and CryptoKitties, to create a unique NFT Play-and-Earn game. Trainers can own Kryptomons and engage with them in the metaverse akin to real-life pets.

Kryptomons feel hungry just like living beings, and every Kryptomon is assigned a Hungriness genetic parameter at birth. The Hungriness value determines how quickly they feel hungry, and need to be fed by their trainers. Well-loved Kryptomons must be kept well-fed !

That’s where OneRare comes in with our gourmet Food delights. OneRare will design exclusive Food NFTs inspired by the 15 in-game Ingredients. These foods will help Kryptomons eat better, feel loved, and power their way to supremacy !


Kryptomons are digital collectible pets built on the BSC blockchain that can be bought using our dedicated BEP-20 token KMON. To be the best Kryptomon trainer in the world you’ll need to care for your Kryptomons, train and breed them to create new Kryptomons with exciting new traits and higher levels of power.

Kryptomon aims to create the next step in the evolution of crypto-gaming by using advanced blockchain technologies, digital genetics, and location-based technologies to create a living and breathing metaverse shaped by the players.

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OneRare is the world’s first Metaverse for the global Food & Beverage Industry. We are building the first tokenization layer that celebrates Food in Web3 — creating an immersive & gamified experience for users worldwide.

🍩 Claim Dish NFTs from all across the world | Global Cuisines, Festive Menus, Vegan/Keto, Cocktails & more

🍟 Immerse in our Gamified Foodverse to create Dishes | Play-to-earn Farm, Farmer’s Marketplace, Kitchen, & Mobile Gaming Playground

🌿 Bringing Food Industry to Web3 | Collaborating with Celebrity Chefs, Iconic Restaurants, & Food Brands for their first NFTs in blockchain gaming

🍕 Food Partners to Web3 Projects | Special Menus for Web3 games & characters, Food Catering for Web3 events

🍉 NFT to Real Life | Swap NFTs for meals & deals from Topn Restaurants/Brands

🍍 Action Against Hunger | Collaborate with Chefs & Projects to raise awareness against world hunger

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OneRare is the world’s first Food Metaverse, celebrating Food, NFTs & Gaming. Let’s foodify the blockchain !