MAGGI® Enters the Foodverse: Enter the Super MAGGI® Quest

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Nestle’s most iconic brand, MAGGI® is taking a bold step in revolutionizing the culinary industry by launching their first-ever Digital Collectibles in the OneRare Foodverse. With a legacy spanning over 130 years, the brand is ready to showcase its new digital avatar. Immerse yourself in the nostalgia by minting exclusive MAGGI Dishes & entering the Super MAGGI® Quest!

Foodies! Get ready to race to the top in the much-awaited SUPER MAGGI® QUEST celebrating the first-ever Digital Collectibles from the illustrous House Of Nestle.

Globally loved & admired for all its offerings, every age group resonates with the brand and that’s what makes MAGGI® so special for all of us. To embark on this partnership, OneRare is launching 3 MAGGI® Ingredients — MAGGI® Noodles, MAGGI® Hot & Sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce and MAGGI® Masala-ae-Magic, allowing you to discover new ways to indulge.

MAGGI® will be releasing 3 versatile ingredient NFTs essential to cook up their Dishes in the Foodverse

Players can collect these 3 tantalizing Ingredient NFTs from the OneRare Farm or Farmer’s Market and use them to create 16 iconic MAGGI® Recipes. From the Italian coast to the Indian Heartland, these dishes will remind you of all the exciting cuisines around the world, hugged tight in the comfort of our childhood favourite.


The Noodles collection offers 10 delicious dishes that combine the most popular offering from MAGGI® with various ingredients and flavors. From Creamy & Cheesy Italiano MAGGI® Noodles to Paneer Bhurji MAGGI® Noodles, there are options for every taste.

Innovative ways to dress up your favorite MAGGI® Noodles

For the love of greens, Veggie Delight MAGGI® Noodles and Dal Shorba Lemon MAGGI® Noodles are a perfect match. On lazy days, Easy Peasy MAGGI® Noodles come to the rescue, while Sweet Sour MAGGI® Noodles add a zesty kick.


MAGGI® Masala-ae-Magic is the hiiden arsenal in every Indian Kitchen that powers up our traditional cuisine with a wholesome tang. This Digital Collection celebrates the classic Indian main course with a fingerlicking menu of Pav Bhaji, Palak Paneer, Matar Paneer, Vegetable Pulao, and Aloo Matar.

MAGGI® Masala-ae-Magic bringing magic to Indian Kitchens


There are some condiments that become a part of every meal so seamlessly that you cannot help but crave them, and MAGGI® Hot & Sweet Sauce does exactly that. Celebrating this sauce with it’s most popular recipe, Cheesy Beans on Toast will be entering the OneRare Kitchen.


Celebrate Everyone’s favorite MAGGI® in the Foodverse with the SUPER MAGGI® QUEST. Players must race to cook up all 16 MAGGI® NFTs and Level them to the Highest Level 7. The First Player to unlock all Level 7 Dishes from the brand will claim the Ultimate Treasure.

The Prizes include a one-of-a-kind SUPER MAGGI® NFT, a truly rare collectible as there will only ever be one in existence that will hold great powers in the Foodverse. The Player will also win 200,000 $ORARE and a Magnificient Hamper from MAGGI® featuring their iconic products.

From Digital Collectibles to Real-Life Yumminess, this Quest has it all!


Players can enter the Super MAGGI® Quest in some quick steps, and even get some help along the way! You can sign up/login at and Claim a MAGGI® Starter Box to get you going on your journey in our kitchen. Each Starter Box features 10 Ingredients that will aid you in making recipes and race faster to your goal.

Once the Player has all 16 Dish NFTs Levelled up to Level 7, he can stake his claim for glory!


The Player must hold all 16 NFTs in the same wallet to complete the Quest successfully. This Quest will go on till we find a rightful winner. You can track your progress and keep an eye on the competition through our special MAGGI Leaderboard.

With the launch of their Digital Collectibles & Super MAGGI® Quest, MAGGI® is truly on it’s way to transform our childhood nostalgia into cutting-edge innovation. We can’t wait to see you all celebrate our favourite noodles in the Foodverse. Lets go!

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