Hoxton: Kitchen & Bar set for the World’s first Omni Launch — in Prague & the Foodverse!

4 min readJun 6, 2022


The real & virtual world are all set to combine as Hoxton: Kitchen & Bar becomes the First Global Restaurant to launch their physical location in Prague, CZ, alongside their meta location in OneRare’s Foodverse.

OneRare is thrilled to announce it’s partnership with Hoxton: Kitchen & Bar to bring the very first omni-launch to our Foodverse.

Hoxton: Kitchen & Bar is the brainchild of successful restauranteurs, Nikita Sidorov & Tim Simenon — who are combining their culinary expertise for a bomb Burger experience. Hoxton will be opening it’s first physical outlet at Namesti Miru 4, Prague, Czech Republic shortly, and are now collaborating with the OneRare team to bring this experience to the foodies in the metaverse.

The two teams will be working closely together to launch Hoxton: Kitchen & Bar in the foodverse, recreating the same visual experience for global audiences and celebrating food. The Hoxton Menu will also be incorporated in the OneRare gameplay, so users can enjoy these gourmet delight NFTs.

From Chorizo (L) to Hoxton (R), find these mouthwatering delights in the Foodverse

The idea of this omni-launch started with Nikita wanting to preserve the stunning artworks of his current restaurant, The Craft, created by the famed street artist, Marat Danilyan. With The Craft venue making way for the new venture, Nikita knew the new interiors would mean saying bye to some stunning pieces.

“The question was what to do with the artworks of Marat, that were in the Craft restaurant for 5 years, but unfortunately were not really fitting the new design concept? The idea of making the NFT of them was in the air and then Nikita googled “restaurant metaverse nft” just for the inspiration… And here we are — we had a short call with Supreet from OneRare.io and decided to give it a try straight away. So we are here to build up an art-inspired burger place with a little gallery by Marat and delicious burger recipes by Chef Tim. That sounds awesome and a bit weird, love it! Let’s have fun!”

- Nikita Sidorov, co-founder, Hoxton

While physical locations have their constraints, the Metaverse allows creative restauranteurs like Nikita & Tim to express themselves freely — celebrating their professional legacy, while ushering in the new.

The team is revamping their current offering, The Craft for the new Restaurant

Alongside, Hoxton: Kitchen & Bar is also making history by launching together in the real and virtual world — becoming the first food business to ever do so.

“When we started building the Foodverse, we were intrigued by the vast potential of a Restaurant launching not only to a local area, but to the entire world at the same time. We are thrilled to partner with Nikita & Tim to bring this exciting launch to OneRare !”

— Supreet Raju, co-founder, OneRare

Exciting possibilities for the Metaverse galore, we can’t wait to see how Hoxton: Kitchen & Bar enthral foodies from Prague to Web3 ! Details coming soon.


Nikita Sidorov and Tim Simenon have bonded over delicious food since 2016, and discussed various collaborations before getting together to open the first Hoxton Burgers joint in 2021. After a successful outing, they have decided to revamp the flagship restaurant into the new project “Hoxton: kitchen and bar” and level up the burger game together.

Nikita & Tim’s journey — Comic Edition

As they get busy for this omni-launch, you can check out their previous ventures — The Craft Video | The Craft Instagram |Tim’s Music Career | Brixton Balls by Tim

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