Gastronaut Vicky Ratnani set to launch his Open Kitchen in OneRare’s Foodverse

5 min readJul 21, 2022

Vicky Ratnani, a gourmand, food connoisseur & celebrity chef, with years of culinary experience from around the world will be launching a virtual restaurant in the Foodverse for his global audience.

Chef Vicky Ratnani is entering the Foodverse to set up his Open Kitchen and Workshop

OneRare is excited to announce it’s partnership with food connoisseur & Chef — Vicky Ratnani or better known as Vicky The Chef .

OneRare is excited to break the news of Chef Vicky onboarding the Foodverse and to be chosen as the platform to turn his vision into virtual reality. We will soon be working closely with Vicky the Chef on building his creative ideas to launch the state-of-the-art hyperreal restaurant and kitchen. OneRare will also be tokenizing some of Chef Vicky’s most beloved recipe including a few from his recent creation — Speak Burgers, as unique Food NFTs to be owned and enjoyed by his fans and global foodies of the Foodverse.

Some of Gastronaut Vicky’s Signature Dishes

Chef Vicky Ratnani is known for his world travel itinerary & culinary education. Having worked with 37 different nationalities as the Executive Chef on the largest ocean liners ever made, his voyages were rich in cultural exchanges, high-energy environment, pressure to excel, local cuisines and the need to constantly reinvent, making him a master craftsman. He soon became the Chef-de-Cuisine for Britannia Restaurant & Kitchen- the largest restaurant at sea, cooked for the crème de la crème and kept learning from the best. He moved back to India after 13 years, having travelled the world 7 times by then! Chef Vicky is responsible for the Indianization of Burger king in India with his freshly launched burger joint- “Speak Burgers” and a proud author of 2 very popular cookbooks. He is also the producer of his namesake TV series — “Vicky the Gastronaut”. With so much to talk about, Chef Vicky Ratnani will now make headlines with his new announcement of entering the World’s First Food Metaverse — OneRare’s Foodverse!

After going around the Globe 7 times, Chef Vicky Ratnani will now enter OneRare’s Foodverse!

Chef Vicky’s expectation from his virtual restaurant is of a cutting edge and hi-tech kitchen with ubercool bohemian-themed lounge area. He wants to build a unique Open Kitchen experience where a lot of cooking is done on fire — live bakery making fresh breads, cooking on different kinds of fire like a pizza dough oven, or an Argentinian Parilla grill. He also plans a cooking studio where foodies can constantly learn his craft with frequent workshops and gigs. Basically a space with good food, good music and good looks with plenty of good mood.

Talking to Vicky the Chef, about this partnership and the opportunities that come with it —

“I think the Foodverse is going to create almost like a boundless opportunity where reach and marketing and the whole existence of the restaurant is concerned. Its going to open doors and windows and ceilings, where people around the world can actually experience some form of your product. It could be value added to your life, something you can learn from, virtual food which you can actually taste or experience. There are various ways to go about it and I would like to run my imagination wild trying to extract as many possibilities, of what can become of a brand.”

— Chef Vicky Ratnani

OneRare is thrilled to partner with Chef Vicky Ratnani to vessel his next voyage on the blockchain. Stay tuned to witness his journey into the Foodverse as we translate his ideas to unique Foodverse experiences, promoting modern food culture and bringing it to every foodie out there!

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