From MasterChef to Metaverse, Chef Depinder Chhibber brings her Fusion Recipes to OneRare’s Foodverse

4 min readApr 30, 2022

Depinder Chhibber, celebrated chef & Masterchef Australia alumni, becomes the First Female Chef to join the Food Metaverse, as she brings her signature delicacies to blockchain audiences.

Chef Depinder becomes the first Female Chef in the Foodverse

OneRare is thrilled to announce it’s partnership with renowned Chef and Masterchef sensation, Depinder Chhibber, as she becomes the first Female Chef to enter to the Foodverse.

Chef Depinder will be working with OneRare to bring her unique flavors to global blockchain audiences for the first time, as NFTs and virtual food experiences. Staying true to her progressive modern take on Indian cuisine, Chef Depinder is set to create an exciting metaverse experience for her fans & foodies.

In the first part of this collaboration, OneRare will be tokenizing the chef’s recipes as exclusive NFTs in the OneRare gameplay. Foodies will be able to explore some of Chef Depinder’s iconic dishes — including the legendary Fried Chicken with Mango & Chili Glaze.

Chef Depinder’s stunning plates will be translated into delish NFTs

Chef Depinder Chhibber journey started from a very young age, as she transitioned from Delhi to Newcastle. She grew up watching her grandmother, mum and aunties cook, fascinating and inspiring her to cook from a very young age. This involvement has nurtured her style of cooking, learning many traditional recipes from her mother and her passion to cook from her father.

Having followed in her father’s footsteps, Depinder chose pharmaceuticals as a career. However, cooking is her childhood love that she just can’t ignore, and so, it led her to be in the top-10 of Masterchef Australia.

Chef Depinder wowing the Masterchef judges

Chef Depinder now envisions to make Indian food more accessible, with her ultimate food dream to write a recipe book showcasing Indian fusion cuisine. With the growing popularity of the metaverse, stepping into Web3 allows her to introduce modern Indian cooking to newer audiences.

I’d like to be involved in the future of food and I believe this is where this partnership will lead me to. Having a metaverse dedicated to food is a brilliant futuristic approach. This space would allow my audiences access into my food dream, restaurant and my recipes being the only virtual platform for my audiences living all over the world. I also believe having my own space in the metaverse will allow me to envision my food dream and help eventuate this dream into reality.

- Chef Depinder Chhibber

We at OneRare are thrilled to facilitate Chef Depinder’s passion for exploring the future of Food and excited to bring her recipes to the OneRare community and blockchain audiences all across the world.

OneRare has always aimed to encourage more diversity in blockchain, and women are the strongest enablers of tech adoption. We are elated to partner with Chef Depinder Chhibber and celebrate her food & journey. Indian cuisine is ready for new global audiences and we will work closely with Chef Depinder to make her vision come to life in Web3.

— Supreet Raju, Co-founder, OneRare

With yumminess right around the corner, we can safely say that the Foodverse is the “it” place in blockchain right now for Chefs & Foodies. Stay tuned to see Chef Depinder’s dream turns into a virtual reality.

Details coming soon !

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