Foodtruck Wars Beta is Now Live

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Foodtruck Wars is a PvPvP Strategy Game that allows gamers to pit their dishes against each other. It is a virtual representation of real-world competition between Foodtrucks. However, it’s about Food NFTs.


  • OneRare Launches Foodtruck Wars Beta on Polygon
  • Foodtruck Wars is the first-ever NFT strategy Game for Foodies
  • The game is exclusively for OneRare Dish Holders
  • OneRare Team Shares Future Plans for the Game
  • Foodtruck Wars is a ray of hope for the Web3 Gaming Industry

Today, OneRare Launched the first-ever NFT strategy game for Foodies — Foodtruck Wars! It is an exclusive game for OneRare Dish NFT Holders.

Foodtruck Wars was the missing piece in the OneRare Puzzle that we have been waiting to share with our community. Once you have Harvested Ingredients in the Farm, Bought some missing Ingredients in the Farmer’s Market, and Minted Dishes in the Kitchen — it’s time to go to battle with these Dishes!

Win $ORARE rewards in the Playground and stake them back in the Farm. Keep this cycle going and the rewards will keep flowing.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for the Foodtruck Wars?

To enter this game, you need to hold at least Two Dish NFTs in your wallet. Once you have the Dishes with you, you can enter the Playground. Every round has a unique theme. Use your strategy to pick Dishes that fit the theme. For example, if the theme is Asian Food, pick Dishes from the Asian region. Dishes from any other region will have lower chances of winning. There will be one more metric that you have to keep in mind, the Time required to cook the Dish. Each Dish has a unique score for Time. As per the theme, select a Dish that falls under the same category.

How is the Scoreboard Decided?

The algorithm looks at multiple metrics like country, region, the time required to cook that dish, and spiciness to pick a winner. The more boxes your Dishes can tick from the theme, the higher your chances of winning. Knowing your Dish NFTs well will help you make decisions quicker and beat other foodies in the battleground.

Every player needs to pay a small participation fee of 5 $ORARE before entering a round. The winner earns 10 $ ORARE, the runner-up wins 7.5 $ORARE, and the third position gets back their 5 $ORARE with no profit and no loss.

Whether you win or lose, remember that you can keep playing as many games as you want.

How to Start Playing

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the Foodtruck Wars
  3. Connect your Metamask Wallet
  4. Enter the Round by Paying a 5 $ORARE participation fee
  5. Select Dishes as per the Theme of the Day
  6. Lock Dishes
  7. Wait for other Players to Join the Game
  8. The Game Starts!

How is the OneRare community feeling about this Launch?

The community is super excited about this announcement. Our Telegram & Discord chats are flooded with positive responses. The anticipation for Foodtruck Wars was very high. An active player in the community, Bakasta said “I have been minting Dishes in the Foodverse since the first testnet. It almost feels like I have been with the team since the beginning of the game. I have seen the game grow, make iterations, and reach this stage. Foodtruck Wars is definitely going to bring a lot more people into the community and make the battle experience even better!”

Supreet Raju, Co-Founder of OneRare mentioned “Foodtruck Wars is very special for us. We have been waiting to share this game with the community. It’s good to know that they are as excited as us. We are looking forward to a lot more active participation from our gamers now. We will continue upgrading the game and you will see a lot of new features very soon.”

How is Foodtruck Wars Good for the Web3 Gaming Community?

We are observing one of the harshest crypto winters ever. This bear market has severely impacted the Play-to-Earn industry. Many in the web3 gaming community exited the ecosystem post the fall of all mega games in the industry. Foodtruck Wars brings back hope in this ecosystem. Built on sustainable tokenomics, OneRare ensures everyone in the community a fun & fair gaming experience.

With the Launch of Foodtruck Wars, we are looking for more optimism in the web3 gaming ecosystem.

We hope you are ready with your dishes for the battle!
See you at the playground, Chef.

Start Playing!


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