Foodlink brings global flavours to OneRare’s Foodverse with the launch of 4 unique NFTs

6 min readFeb 11, 2023

Foodlink F&B Holdings, India’s largest Food & Beverage Service Company led by Sanjay Vazirani, joins forces with OneRare to introduce its family of restaurants — Art of Dum, Glocal Junction, India Bistro, China Bistro to the Foodverse, launching a special Dish NFT from each.

Foodies, we are bringing the world to your plate!

OneRare is thrilled to announce its partnership with the India’s largest and leading Food & Beverage Service Company — Foodlink F&B Holdings, bringing best-in-class cuisine complimented with impeccable service to the blockchain.

Luxury catering giant, Foodlink entered the restaurant verticals in 2012 and within a short span created powerful quality conscious casual dining brands spread across India as well as UAE with ambitious plans to open soon in more geographies. The company’s family of brands includes Art of Dum, Glocal Junction, India Bistro and China Bistro which are set out for their Metaverse launch in OneRare’s Foodverse.

Art of Dum brings you a slow-cooked symphony of tender mutton flavoured with house spices in Dum Handi Ka Gosht
China Bistro brings Pan Asian flavours in contemporary bistro settings with Vegetable Crystal Dumplings

Art of Dum, a multiple award winning premium cloud kitchen that offers authentic nomadic flavours with recipes that pay homage to the finesse and art of the legendary Dum Pukht cooking techniques will be launching Dum Handi ka Gosht NFT in OneRare Kitchen. While China Bistro, a Pan Asian restaurant that has established itself as a go-to destination for lovers of Asian cuisine will be introducing the foodies to Vegetable Crystal Dumplings through its NFT.

Glocal Junction takes you on a culinary journey through the streets of the Middle East with Arabian Night Pizza
India Bistro presents the diet of a king served in an elegant new age setting with Dum Gosht Biryani

Glocal Junction, a gastro pub popular for its amalgamation of global cuisines with a twist of regional flavours is continuing its legacy by bringing its Arabian Night Pizza NFT to the Foodverse through this partnership. And, India Bistro aims to introduce the world to the flavourful gems tucked away across the regions of incredible India with it’s authentic dish Dum Gosht Biryani launching as an NFT for global foodies.

The brain behind Foodlink, Sanjay Vazirani with his curated experience of 20+ years of transforming the F&B Service Industry, shares his thoughts about this partnership —

“I owe all my success to my life choices of venturing into unchartered territories and it has resulted in the diversification and global recognition of Foodlink. Venturing into Web3 is another such choice I am making and so, I am thrilled to announce that we are releasing the dish NFT’s of our brands- Glocal Junction, China Bistro, India Bistro & Art of Dum with OneRare’s Foodverse.

My enterprise Foodlink runs diverse verticals in F&B domain and I am excited be a part of this transformational journey of Web3 and hope to soon witness it in its full strength — with novel functionalities, advanced user experience & ease of use so it is adopted effortlessly by our burgeoning customer base. All my very best to OneRare on their mission to revolutionise Web3 and building awareness and interest into what the future holds for all of us.”

— Sanjay Vazirani, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Foodlink F&B Holdings India Pvt. Ltd.

OneRare will closely work with Foodlink’s team to launch these NFTs on the blockchain. All 4 NFTs will be exclusively available for Foodverse’s players to mint and will soon unlock real life use cases, enabling their owners to redeem them for real discounts and deals as well as a unique entry pass to Foodlink’s Web3 offerings. These offerings will include immersive and interactive experiences within Foodlink’s virtual kitchens and experience centers that will open up in the Foodverse as it unfolds.

OneRare and Foodlink has joined forces to revolutionise the way food and beverage industry interacts with the blockchain.

“Foodlink has been pioneers in bringing premium culinary experiences from across the globe to their enthusiasts. OneRare is delighted to extend support to Foodlink as they prepare for their Web3 launch bringing the best of F&B service industry to foodies all around the world.

— Supreet Raju, co-founder, OneRare

As the leaders of F&B industry and its Web3 presence come together to bring the best of both worlds merged in one, the future of food indeed looks promising.

So, grab your chef hat and rush to the OneRare Kitchen for the first mint of Foodlink’s NFTs!


Foodlink F&B Holdings India Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2003 by Sanjay Vazirani with the objective of driving excellence in the Indian Food & Beverage Service Industry. It started with small-scale events in Mumbai and kept raising the bar each time with sheer persistence and passion, gradually transforming itself into a luxury catering brand to reckon with offering exclusively crafted culinary experiences from all around the world in its family of brands Art of Dum, Glocal Junction, India Bistro, China Bistro

Over time, Foodlink has grown considerably in terms of verticals, geographies and overall stature to become India’s largest and leading Food & Beverage Service Company, headquartered in Mumbai. Foodlink now stands apart with its robust systems, processes and sharp focus on quality, bringing it the recognition and precious trust of the most discerning clientele from across the country & beyond.

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