Foodful launches their first-ever Restaurant in OneRare’s Foodverse

Welcome to Foodful’s first Restaurant in the Foodverse
Enjoy Foodful’s Virtual Menu & Food NFTs
Foodful’s Restaurant is all celebrating Marine Life & Ethical Food Choices


Foodful is a future food company working to disrupt the current food system as we know it. Foodful plans on producing plant-based and cultivated seafood products which are good for you and the planet.


OneRare is the World’s first Food Metaverse, aka, Foodverse. We are creating the first-ever Virtual World for the global Food & Beverage Industry, that celebrates Food in Web3. With an immersive gaming experience, virtual restaurants, chef experiences and more, OneRare is all set to lead Food into the next era. Let’s foodify the blockchain !



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OneRare is the world’s first Food Metaverse, celebrating Food, NFTs & Gaming. Let’s foodify the blockchain !