Blue Tribe & OneRare Unite to Bring Plant-Based Meat to Blockchain

5 min readOct 16, 2023

Blue Tribe Foods proudly wears the crown as one of India’s First Plant-Based Meat Company. A hero of modern dining, they craft delectable plant-meat products that delight palates while saving the planet. With innovation & sustainability at its core, Blue Tribe is redefining what’s possible in the world of guilt-free indulgence by launching their first-ever NFTs in the OneRare Foodverse.

Blue Tribe is all set to launch their plant-based NFTs in the OneRare Foodverse

Foodies! Get Ready to Battle for a Bigger Mission!

OneRare is thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with Blue Tribe Foods — a pioneer in the world of planet-friendly, mouthwatering plant-based meats. Together, we are on a mission to revolutionize the way you experience food!

Blue Tribe started out in Mumbai in 2020 and is now on a mission to transform how the world enjoys meat. Using research and innovation in Foods Science, the venture provides meat from sustainable plant-based sources that are natural and delicious while positively impacting the environment and the planet. As a company, they aim to build the entire animal ecosystem from plants so people can get meat off their plates.

With this partnership, the brand is ready for its big leap into blockchain.
OneRare and Blue Tribe has worked in close association to launch their first-ever NFTs, available to mint exclusively in the Foodverse. The collection will feature Blue Tribe’s best-seller plant-based meat variants such as Blue Tribe Keema, Blue Tribe Seekh Kebab and Blue Tribe Sausage as tantalizing Ingredient NFTs

These Blue Tribe best-sellers will be launched as Ingredient NFTs unlocking Blue Tribe Dish NFTs in OneRare

This Ingredient NFTs we be a part of the immersive gameplay, leading players to mint each of the 9 exclusive Blue Tribe Dish NFTs.

Blue Tribe is releasing 9 of their tantalizing recipes as OneRare NFTs

Talking to Blue Tribe’s team about this partnership —

I am thrilled to announce our groundbreaking collaboration with OneRare, a revolutionary food-based NFT gaming system. This partnership is not just about the exciting convergence of digital collectibles and plant-based meat; it also brings together two vibrant communities whose audiences remarkably overlap.
By joining forces, we are able to reach a wider audience, tapping into the enthusiastic communities of both Blue Tribe Foods and OneRare. This collaboration presents a perfect fit, as it allows us to engage with our existing consumers on a whole new level, while also introducing our plant-based meat products to the passionate gamers of OneRare.Together, we are creating a bridge between the realms of gastronomy and gaming, captivating the hearts and taste buds of individuals who value innovation, sustainability, and immersive experiences. This collaboration offers an exceptional opportunity to strengthen our brands, foster community engagement, and ultimately reshape the way people perceive and interact with plant-based food in the digital age.”

Sohil Wazir, CCO, Blue Tribe Foods

OneRare’s team also shared their their thoughts on this partnership:

We are pumped to introduce Blue Tribe’s delectable plant-based meat products to the passionate gamers of OneRare Foodverse. By teaming up, we’re opening the door to a broader audience, uniting the enthusiastic communities of both Blue Tribe Foods and OneRare.

Gaurav Gupta, Co-founder, OneRare

This exciting gastronomic adventure, promises exploration into unchartered territories and fun-filled experiences to global foodies, all while make a lasting impact on our planet.

Ready for your new mission, Chefs?! Join the Foodverse today & cook up delectable Blue Tribe NFTs!


We are a tribe of planet-friendly foodies on a mission to prove that you can love meat and love the planet. Made of natural, wholesome plant-based ingredients like pea and soy. Blue Tribe meats look, cook and taste just like meat but have life-changing impact on your health and that of the planet’s.

Plant Based Meats:
Our plant-based meats are created by food scientists after painstaking research and are healthy, nutritious, sustainable and according to chefs and foodies alike, uncompromisingly delicious. Made using protein extracts and plant-based sources, they taste, look and feel 100% like meat. Making sure that you can’t tell the difference, but the planet can!

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OneRare is partnering with celebrity chefs, iconic restaurants, and food brands to bring their first NFTs to blockchain within its immersive Gameplay. Swap NFTs for real-life meals from top restaurants and level up your Dish NFTs to bring your A-game out in FoodTruck Wars. Collect the entire menus for favorite Web3 games & characters, all while you join us in fighting world hunger.
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