Black Foodie Finder, largest directory of Black-Owned Eateries is set to enter OneRare’s Foodverse

4 min readJun 30, 2022

Black Foodie Finder is a fantastic Food Directory curated with a mission to advocate for Black-Owned Food Businesses and Eateries to the Global Food Community in OneRare’s Foodverse.

The Future is Inclusive and so is the Foodverse.

OneRare is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Black foodie Finder — the Largest Directory App of Black-Owned Restaurants, Food Trucks & Eateries — bringing in their huge community to the Metaverse and introducing them to the food enthusiasts on a global scale.

Black Foodie Finder is a user-friendly app exclusively designed to help people look for black owned food places. It covers over 6,000 locations across the United States, making it the largest one to ever exist.

Brax Rich, the CEO of BFF, believes that representation of the Black culture through its cuisine is momentous in strengthening and supporting the people of color. BFF’s mission is aimed on advocating for Black-Owned Businesses and Eateries by supporting them and advertising for them, ultimately to create awareness about their existence.

To help them truly achieve their goal in next generation of internet, OneRare will build their virtual identity in the largest Web3 community of global foodies — its Foodverse.

BFF has the most extensive listing of black owned restaurants that gives users a plethora of choices to pick from

Talking about this partnership with their CEO —

Black Foodie Finder is excited to announce our partnership with OneRare as we take Black-owned restaurants and Chefs to the Metaverse! We are so excited to pave the way in tech and food as we create space for black & brown foodies in the digital future.

Brax Rich, CEO, Black Foodie Finder

OneRare’s core belief is that food is of paramount importance in any culture and so bringing BFF’s community to its Foodverse will be critical to their digital presence and will help them reach global audiences.

We built OneRare around Food, to showcase its cultural vividness and the joy of discovering unique recipes from around the world. This partnership with Black Foodie Finder will help promote the rich food culture of the Black community to global food enthusiasts. With BFF’s entry in the Foodverse, the world will be exploring the amazing talent of Black Chefs and the culinary heritages served at Black-owned Eateries.

Supreet Raju, Co-Founder, OneRare

OneRare is excited to welcome its new BFF’s to the virtual address of all things food — the Foodverse. More details coming out soon.


Black Foodie Finder is a fantastic food directory app that offers a one in all solution for anyone who is looking for black-owned restaurants, food trucks and eateries across 6000 locations in the United States. This user friendly app is exclusively designed to help people who are specifically looking for black-owned food places.

Black Foodie Finder offers the most extensive listing of black owned restaurants that gives users a plethora of choices to pick from. Apart from helping you find black-owned restaurants, the BFF app also provides you with a listing and catering services. So, whether you need to find chefs, recipes or any products catering to the needs of the black community, BFF covers it all!

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