BCC enters the web3 space with the launch of its unique “LABe” in OneRare’s Foodverse

4 min readJun 10, 2022

Basque Culinary Center’s Digital Gastronomy Lab — LABe — is an innovation technology center that is stepping up in the Digital World by entering the World’s First Food Metaverse by OneRare.

OneRare is excited to announce the Web3 launch of LABe, the Digital Gastronomy Lab of Basque Culinary Center, to bring its experience and innovation virtually to the global F&B industry.

The Basque Culinary Center has a reputation in being one of its kind, fully equipped technology center that specializes in Gastronomy and explores it as the driving force for positive change. The understanding of the science of food, gained through intense research is utilized in innovating new age technology, which is then delivered with meticulous preparations and careful presentation by MasterChefs. All of this is done to improve the overall experience of food for those involved in the food value chain and to the foodie community as a whole.

Its Culinary Laboratory — LABe Digital Gastronomy Lab — was opened 2 years ago, in 2019, as a co-creating space that would collaborate with multiple branches of the F&B ecosystem in order to improve the overall experience of the industry’s employees and foodies.

innovation, experimentation and co-creation towards a sustainable, healthy and delicious future.

Both the teams in this partnership will work within a close network to successfully launch LABe and its offerings into OneRare’s Foodverse. LABe in Web3 will then be loaded with unique NFTs, immersive experiences and tools of virtual reality to utilize the science of Gastronomy fully to its digital potential.

“LABe is a living lab born to research and co-create, in a digital environment, the gastronomy of the future from an interdisciplinary perspective. For us, the metaverse is a new space where gastronomy has much to contribute. On this matter, it is time to experiment and design possible ways of relationships and interaction between all participants (startups, consumers, big companies, Horeca sector, etc.). It is time to come up with solutions, and design disruptive business models and immersive experiences. Our role is to generate knowledge and transfer it to the sector. In this sense, making gastronomy and the metaverse dialogue is an exciting challenge.”

Joxe Mari Aizega, Director, Basque Culinary Center .

With the massive shift of our digital presence to Web3, it is important for technology hubs like Basque Culinary Center to mark their attendance and add value to the Metaverse space. OneRare will help them achieve this goal by establishing their beloved, LABe, with all its utilities, in the Foodverse.

NFTs ‘crypto pintxos’ being developed by LABe

Working closely with OneRare team on this partnership, LABe is happy to announce that they are currently minting their first NFT collection- You can check them out — here! These unique NFTs will have real life use cases once LABe is ready and running in OneRare’s metaverse!


LABe Digital Gastronomy Lab works collaboratively with an ecosystem of corporates, restaurateurs, startups and Research Centers to prototype, test and co-design new services, solutions, technologies and products focused on improving the experience of the people who work and consumes in restaurants: cooks, waiters, managers and eaters. During these two years of life of the project, more than 20 experiences have been launched in order to validate new digital technologies in a real context testing space that streamlines, automates and monitors restaurant processes. LABe’s mission is to promote the digital transformation across the Food Value chain, through innovation, experimentation and co-creation of tech based solutions towards a sustainable, healthy and delicious future.

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