A Rule of Tum to launch its Restaurants in OneRare’s Food Metaverse

4 min readFeb 11, 2022


A Rule of Tum (AROT) operates multiple Restaurants in England, and it taking it’s first steps into the exciting world of OneRare, the world’s first Food Metaverse — aka Foodverse.

OneRare is thrilled to announce it’s partnership with A Rule of Tum, a group of UK Restaurants. A Rule of Tum or AROT, will be bringing it’s offering into the Foodverse — creating a unique experience for foodies worldwide.

Helmed by brothers Dorian and Edwin Kirk, A Rule of Tum is a group of restaurants in Hereford and Worcester. They focus on bringing extraordinary food in new formats to the British audiences — culminating in four different setups.

The Burger Shop uses local & seasonal ingredients to create the spectacular burgers — even bringing home the Best Burger restaurant of 2021 Award by Restaurant Guru.

The Bookshop is a modern British restaurant and features an award-winning Sunday lunch. It offers modern ethical eating, demanding of itself sustainability, local ingredients, and considered food.

Leaven offers Sourdough Pizzas, using organic grains and responsibly sourced ingredients from near and far, use produce from small farms and local producers.

Maneki Ramen is a Tokyo-inspired ramen shop helmed by Chef Pete Dovaston. Serving modern interpretations of Japanese noodle bowls & snacks, Maneki Ramen brings the flavours of FarEast to England.

(LtoR) : The Bookshop, Leaven Sourdough Pizza, & Maneki Ramen

A Rule of Tum will be bringing all four of their offerings into the Foodverse, with NFTs, virtual interactions and much more.

“I’m really excited at this chance to team up with Onerare and dip our toe into the metaverse, It will be so exciting to allow our customers and people from all over the world to ‘pop’ into our places virtually.”

- Dorian Kirk, Owner, A Rule of Tum

(L-R) : The Burger Shop & Maneki Ramen

A Rule of Tum has always aimed to make and serve delicious food in wonderful spaces, and journeying into the Metaverse to explore a whole new space. With the help of OneRare, A Rule of Tum will seek to elevate their food experiences for global audiences.

“We are thrilled to host A Rule of Tum in the Foodverse. They are truly food visionaries in how Food is more than what’s on your plate. Their attention to sustainability, supporting local businesses, and evolving into their model is commendable. Dorian & Edwin have some innovative ideas to our foodverse, and we can’t wait to bring their talent to the world.”

- Gaurav Gupta, Co-Founder, OneRare

With so many exciting cuisines under their belt, we can’t explore to see this unique British business in the Foodverse !


Dorian returned to his town of Hereford after opening and running restaurants in London and quickly realised that the local area was distinctly lacking in decent food choices teamed up with his brother. Edwin, having worked in hospitality most of his life brought to the table his business skills and along with their friend Jon design, branding and social media skills allowed them to create A Rule of Tum. Soon after Rupert Dorians life long chef friend joined the ranks, helping to make what AROT is today.

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